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Stand Out From the Crowd with Custom Neon Signs in Edmonton

Sun Signs & Service manufactures and installs custom neon signs in Edmonton for a wide range of businesses. Our passion is helping your business stand out from the crowd, and our neon signs are an effective tool for achieving that goal! Complete with LED bulbs, your neon sign will be a low energy-consuming and long-lasting investment. 

Some of the benefits of installing one of our custom neon signs include:

  • Visibility: Nothing catches the eye like the warm glow of a neon sign. Whether you’re attempting to garner attention to your new business or are simply trying to spice things up a bit at your existing business, there’s no denying the attractiveness and high visibility of a neon sign.
  • Design Flexibility: Unlike other types of signs, a neon sign can be moulded into various types of designs. That means you’re able to create a neon sign in the shape of your company logo! Now that’s a way to stand out and be remembered. 
  • Night Time Use: Even when you’ve closed down shop for the day and the sun has set, your business will still stand out with the sharp light of your neon sign cutting against the night sky. That’s sure to capture the attention of passersby!

If you have any questions about our neon lights, please don’t hesitate to contact us!!

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