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Aluminum Awnings & Solar Screens in Edmonton

Does your home feel a little bare on the outside? Is there too much sunlight coming in through your patio doors? Does your deck remain empty in the summer because the heat is too unbearable? Sun Signs & Service has the perfect solution – awnings in Edmonton!

Residential awnings attach to your home, over a patio or deck, to provide shade year round but especially in the summer months. They come in a variety of types and styles. We can help you find an awning or solar screen that perfectly suits your home’s exterior. Enjoy the cool, comfortable shade with a residential awning from Sun Signs & Service today!

Types of Awnings

The variety of awnings that we offer allows you to find the perfect fit for your home and décor. We carry both waterproof fabric and aluminum awnings. One type of aluminum awning—a pan awning—has sections that are perpendicular to the wall of your home. This design provides better strength and is very popular among our clients. Step-downs are another kind of aluminum awning. In this type, the sections run parallel to the wall of your home. Further reinforcement is necessary to keep the awning sturdy, and leaks are possible with this design.

Window Solar Screens

While awnings are attached to your home and hang over a space such as a patio or deck, solar screens go onto your window fixtures and do not stick out. If you don’t have a large enough backyard for an awning or you don’t have a deck or patio, solar screens are the perfect fit for your home. Solar screens protect the interior of your home from the sun in many ways including:

  • Glare control
  • Heat control
  • Natural light management
  • UV protection

Solar screens from Sun Signs & Service are a great option for reducing the heat and glare in your interior rooms, all while keeping your beautiful views.

Benefits of Awnings in Edmonton

Getting an awning on your Edmonton home will provide you with many benefits. From shading your patio to decreasing your energy bills, you’ll love having an awning on your Edmonton home! Some of the benefits of awnings from Sun Signs & Service include:

  • Protection from the sun – Our awnings provide shade, protect you from harmful UV rays, lower the temperature of your deck area, prevent heat from entering your home and can also keep your furniture from being sun-damaged.
  • Protection from rain – Enjoy the outdoors even in the rain. The awnings at Sun Signs & Service are sturdy enough to withstand rain and wind in most cases, and our fabric awnings are resistant to water and mildew.
  • Redefine your outdoor living space – Make full use of your backyard with our awnings in Edmonton. These awnings create mini shelters that are perfect for entertaining guests and small parties at your home. Keep your guests entertained on your new party space in any weather!
  • Increased curb appeal – With the variety of colours and styles that our residential awnings come in, you’re sure to increase the curb appeal of your home.
  • Save energy – Our awnings and solar screens provide shade and help regulate the temperature in your home. The sun’s rays are unable to get into your windows, allowing the temperature to remain low and helping you save money on your energy bill.

Protect your interior furniture, keep cool outside, and lower your energy bill with an awning or solar screen on your home. Contact Sun Signs & Service today to get more information about awning installation in Edmonton.

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